Work with Jen

Spitfire Fitness Arts offers fitness consultations, personal training and private yoga with Jen Young in Washington, DC.

Personal Training

As a personal training client of Spitfire Fitness Arts, you develop strength, stability, agility, mobility and power.  You learn kinesthetic awareness and stress management.  You discover nutrition suitable to your own personal needs to become leaner and more energetic.  As a result, you gain confidence in physical, mental and social situations that come up day-to-day.

As well as tailoring your training program to your goals, interests and schedule, Spitfire training tailors each training session to mindfully honor your current state of being–physically, mentally and emotionally.  For example, one session, you may feel stressed and tight so we would spend more time of flexibility training.  The next session, you may feel well-rested and ready to conquer the world so we might concentrate on lifting or energizing interval training.  The keeps training fun, engaging and safe.

Personal Training Sessions & In-Person Consultations

  • One-on-One Personal Training Sessions may be in-home, outdoors or in a private fitness facility.
  • Consultations include fitness assessments, movement screenings, basic fitness plan, nutrition guidance and/or home gym advice.

Personal Training Series

All training memberships include consultation, training sessions and basic nutrition guidance.  Email for more information and prices.


  • 6 Session Series
  • 13 Session Series
  • 26 Session Series

Private Yoga

Jen is available for one-on-one yoga lessons and private small group yoga classes.  Email for more information.

Phone/Email Consultations

  • Are you struggling to stay committed to your training program?
  • Does it feel like no exercise class, gym or sport fits your goals, interests or schedule?
  • Are you overwhelmed with choices?

A consultation with Jen can help you get clear on your fitness needs, narrow your options based on your personal interests and find a facility, class or group that can work with your schedule.

Phone consultations include fitness assessment, goal worksheet, basic fitness plan and advice.


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