DC Classes


Baby & Me Yoga Fit

Get back into your pre-baby body with this amazing class and bring your baby along for the fun! Get ready for a workout that blends cardio, yoga, strength, and resistance training using free weights, bands, and blocks to leave you feeling like one hot mama!

Fitness Yoga

We all need resistance exercise to strengthen our muscles and our bones. We need to raise the heart rate to strengthen our heart and lungs. We need yoga to strengthen our minds and release what does not serve now. Yoga Fitness brings all of this together. A 20-minute interval/strength is bookended by a beginning yoga sequence to warm and mobilize the body and an ending yoga sequence to stretch and release. All levels welcome.

Spitfire Strength & Interval Training

Set yourself up for a healthy day. Wake up with a well-rounded, safe and challenging workout. You can have more energy throughout the day, adapt to new challenges with more finesse and handle stress better.

In this 45 minute workout, train your body for balance, strength, agility and power with circuit training. Build endurance and cardiovascular strength with interval training. Reach new levels of fitness with the support of other Spitfire Women in the group.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Unlock your potential for transformation through a grounded, creative and playful Vinyasa Flow class.  Tune into your body’s intelligence, nature and mythological images.

Yoga Body Sculpt

This strength-building Vinyasa flow class focuses on sculpting your buns and thighs while flattening your belly and strengthening your core. This workout is based on Crunch’s latest hot video.


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