A great way to find out about what’s happening with Spitfire Fitness Arts are to sign up for the Spitfire Fitness Arts Newsletter.

The Spitfire FaceBook Page is a great hang out for clients, students and friends to find out about special offers and events.  Spitfire is also pretty active on Twitter (@spitfirefitarts) with fitness and nutrition information.

You can also send me an email (almost feels old-fashioned, doesn’t it?).



“…Jen is fantastic trainer for any woman, especially one that doesn’t want to ‘bulk up,’ but is more interested in toning.  She is a real inspiration and a pleasure to be around — and this was a major encouragement for someone that has trouble getting motivated…”
Christy Desanctis

Washington, DC

“…Jen does a great job of keeping our workout sessions varied so there are always new challenges.  I appreciate that she’s keenly aware of the fine balance of pushing me to work hard while also making sure that I am taking care of my body and avoiding injury.  Jen has a great, low key style that makes our sessions enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.”

Rob Rosenfeld
Washington, DC

I started with personal training because I was recovering from a broken leg and I needed to strengthen my legs.  One leg has a rod and the other does not so I need to get my legs to work equally…I got way more than I expected…I would recommend Jen to everyone.  She is more than a trainer..Jen has an amazing work ethic and you can count on her.  She can teach you so much.

Vanessa Beveridge
Washington, DC

“…What has impressed me most is Jen’s ability to assist clients with previous injuries. In my case, I had had surgery that caused some nerve damage in my right shoulder area. I had difficulty writing and lifting objects with my right hand. Jen put together a program that helped strengthen my right arm over time. Today, I have as much, if not more, facility in my right arm as I do with my left – a situation I never thought possible!..”

Circe Gray Le Compte
Washington, DC


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