Fitness Cleanse Program

As part of Ellen Kittredge’s Fall Forward 21-Day Cleanse Program, Spitfire will offer the Cleansing Through Movement Program.

The movement program is meant to multiply the effects of Ellen’s program with gentle exercises that assist your body’s natural cleansing processes.  As inflammation reduces from the food-based cleanse, it is easier to affect change to the body’s movement patterns and posture.  This makes it a great time to shift to a more active lifestyle by starting with gentle cleansing movements.  Anyone that is already active will enjoy moving in new ways.

This program is complimentary, but only offered to participants of Ellen’s Cleanse, which begins October 3.

Receive daily tips on ways to move your body to get more out of the cleansing process through the groups’ emails.  Each email also include a link to an exercise routine, one for each week of the cleanse.

This program especially benefits participants of Ellen’s 21-Day Cleanse who:

  • Have been sedentary and would like to ease into a fitness program
  • Already works out but is not sure how to slow down during a food-base cleanse
  • Practice yoga and would like to add some movements that enhance cleansing
  • Experience back pain, hip pain or sciatica
  • Wants to strengthen the core and improve posture

Last day to sign up for Ellen’s Fall Forward Program is Tuesday, September 27.

Read more about the Spitfire Cleansing Through Movement Program.


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