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Meatballs (film)

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Some sweat and a lot of tears, not so much blood, have gone into getting this puppy online.  I am no webmeister or WordPress guru so the learning curve was Everestine.  I would take stabs at figuring it out then get discouraged and think that it would have to wait until I could pay someone.

Eventually, I had to face the truth that it just didn’t matter because, as a bootstrapping entrepreneur, I had to do it myself or it wouldn’t get done.  Just “Ship It,” Seth Godin would say. “Do the Work,” Steven Pressfield would say.

“It just doesn’t matter,” Bill Murray as head camp counselor, Tripper Harrison, in Meatballs would say.

That is what I say to you now.

It just doesn’t matter.

Can’t seem to find time to workout in your busy day?

It just doesn’t matter.

Think you can’t take Tango lessons because you are uncoordinated?

It just doesn’t matter.

Would love to say you’ve done a marathon but you’re not a runner?

It just doesn’t matter.

Can’t workout today because you forgot your Lululemon outfit?

It just doesn’t matter.

Yes, I am throwing another Bill Murray reference at you.  There will be many to come, so go with it.

If you don’t know the story of Meatballs, it’s about summer camp.  At the end of summer, there is an inter-camp sports competition.  Camp Mohawk, the rich kids camp, always wins.  Camp North Star, filled with lovable misfits and fun-loving camp counselors, must face Camp Mohawk.  The night before the final competition the camp is gathered together.  Everyone is feeling down because they can’t seem to catch a break against Mohawk.

Tripper, through a rousing exaggerated sermon reminds the camp that, “It just doesn’t matter.”  It doesn’t matter if Camp Northstar sucks or is great.  It doesn’t matter that Camp Mohawk takes their training seriously.  It just doesn’t matter because it’s not permanent.  Life goes on.  It just doesn’t matter because Camp Northstar is going to have a blast, whether they are great at an event or suck rotten eggs.  Most importantly, it just doesn’t matter because…well, I’ll let Tripper tell you.

So, when you think you can’t do something physical because of this reason, that excuse, just say, “It just doesn’t matter.”  Then, Just Do It.

Make the time to workout.  Find a good Tango partner that will make you look good.  Enlist a friend to start running with you to get you moving toward that marathon.  You don’t need the latest fitness fashions to go for a walk.  Find the work-arounds.  Get creative.

What are you putting off trying?

Share what your putting off in the comments below.  Let’s throw our hands in the circle and shout, “It just doesn’t matter!” together.

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